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This program contacts Flickr regarding the photos they deem Interesting, asks them for the number of photos you specify, and then filters out the ones that deviate too far from a 1024 x 768 format.
The search is performed on comma seperated Tags and you can optionally search the Title and Description with a quoted phrase. Otherwise, Flickr will pick out their best for you. Each photo will also have various options available in the upper left corner.
The default search mode is by Tags. Photos posted to Flickr often contain Tags that define a photos content, so seperate the tags you want to search for with a comma. This an ALL search meaning each tag must be present within a photo.
If you wish to search a photos Title (also the Description), click the Title button and use quotes to group the phrase together.
i.e. beautiful,beach in Tag mode returns different results than "beautiful beach" in Title mode.
Command Line Options:
You can specify some cool options on the url to control the programs initial function.
p=Photo Count (1-100)
s=Search Field (Optional)
o=Owner Switch (Flickr ID)
t=Title Switch (1=ON)
g=Go (1 = Do It)
Example: http://suhck.com/
This program uses a state of the art HTML5 Boilerplate, a Google hosted jQuery (1.10.2), the imgLiquid plugin for sizing the images and jCanvas from college boy Caleb for all the HTML5 canvas magic.
Please support all of the many advertisers here so that I can continue development (oh wait, there arn't any). Maybe a PayPal donation? Never mind, I have no link for that.
Just use it and have fun!