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   The Yahoo! GeoPlanet API contains millions of unique places including several hundred thousand administrative areas, half a million variant names, several thousand historical administrative areas, over two million unique settlements and suburbs, two-and-a-half million unique postcode points covering 150 countries, and a significant number of points of interest, colloquial regions, area codes, time zones, and islands.
   And it's all at your fingertips... The data is organized like a family, with brothers and sisters, kids and parents. Some places have neighbors and some places belong to other places. It's presented here in the form of a tree that you can click on and drill down. Click the "family" buttons to explore...
   Enter your queries in the upper left box and press [Enter]. Hover your mouse over the various buttons for a description.
   To get you started, try space needle. You can also enter city names, with or without a state or country. Credits: Yahoo! Google PropertyMaps Microsoft